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Remote Work Options — Things to Consider!

By LAURA TORRES posted 22 days ago

Remote Work Options Things to Consider

Finding remote work involves several steps and strategies. Identifying available options can be more challenging in today's competitive market. Blue Star Careers can offer you direct employer connections and webinar sessions so you can research further remote work options. Here are some step-by-step suggestions to help you find remote job opportunities; we have other connections to set you up for success. Join our Nationhood community and select Blue Star Careers.

First, we suggest doing a "self-assessment," how ready are you? 
  • Remote work can be isolating yet fun, distracting, and very disciplined; are you ready? Is your family ready? 
  • Determine your skills, strengths, and interests. Understand what type of remote work you're qualified for and passionate about.
  • Consider your preferred work hours, time zone, and work environment to ensure compatibility with remote work. Is your family lifestyle and needs compatible? 

Update your resume and online presence. Are you networking on LinkedIn? 

  • Ensure you tailor your resume to highlight your remote work skills, such as self-motivation, time management, home office setup, and communication abilities.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile and other professional networking sites to reflect your remote work readiness. 
  • If you do not have a LinkedIn profile, attend the next BSFCareers LinkedIn session to learn how to create or maximize your profile. 
  • Visit the LinkedIn social impact page and determine if you qualify for a no-cost LinkedIn premium. 

Identify the best job search platforms that align with your goals! 

  • Utilize popular job search websites and platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and FlexJobs. Set up job alerts for remote positions.
  • Join BSFCareerathon on Thursday. Our team seeks the latest remote work opportunities our network can connect you by referral, 
  • MySECO offers no-cost access to an "annual membership" to FlexJobs, no cost for active duty Military Spouses. Speak to a coach at 1-800-342-9647. 
  • Identify remote job boards and communities. Join our Blue Star Careers Spouseforce Group and the Neighborhood. 

Identify "ideal" companies you want to work with; build your list, visit their websites, and set up "job alerts"! 

  • Explore company career pages for remote job listings, especially at companies that offer remote opportunities and military spouse hiring initiatives, 
  • Attend networking events of these "ideal" companies, future lunch and learn info sessions, 
  • You must build your POC list and network and search for jobs with more intent, 
Consider taking temp, part-time, or freelancing roles; it can be the start of remote work!  
  • Do you have additional skills that stand out? Ex; marketing, graphic design, etc,
  • If you have specific skills or expertise, consider freelancing on platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer. Build a strong profile and portfolio to attract clients.
  • Work directly with a staffing agency that can place you in time to hire roles faster, 
Networking is HUGE in identifying your next career move! 
  • Connect with professionals in your industry through social media, online forums, and virtual networking events.
  • Attend virtual conferences, webinars, and workshops to expand your network.
  • Attend the next RISE networking event and connect with BSF Careers employer partners, 
Prepare for remote interviews, be ready, and get ahead of the game! 
  • Familiarize yourself with the most common video conferencing tools like Zoom, Google Meets, or Microsoft Teams, or what potential employers might use, 
  • Practice virtual interviews to ensure you are comfortable with the technology and can effectively communicate your qualifications.
  • Register to conduct "Mock Interviews" locate your next local career center or use a friend who can support you, 
  • Access Condorful, where you can get personalized interview support, 

Stay organized and follow up with applications and your network! 

  • Keep track of the jobs you've applied for and follow up when necessary. Use spreadsheets or job-tracking apps to manage your applications.
  • Use our Blue Star Careers Tracker form located in the Blue Star Careers library section in The Neighborhood, 
  • Following up proper online etiquette, follow up with your contacts via email or LinkedIn, offer additional feedback regarding your applications, 

Be patient and persistent; stay positive! 

  • Finding remote work can take time, so don't get discouraged by rejection or slow responses. 
  • Keep refining your approach and continue your job search, 
  • Understanding the multiple ways remote work is "marketed" and offered within your local areas, 
  • Use external resources such as #BSFCareers, MySECO, HHUSA, and more that offer support and workshops to discuss options, 

Continue developing remote work skills and upskill regularly! 

  • Continuously improve skills like time management, communication, and self-discipline to excel in a remote work environment.
  • Register to earn the latest certifications that complement your goals, 
  • Volunteer with a purpose and be actively alert and involved, 

Finding remote work in today's job market is competitive, so securing the right opportunity may take some time. Keep refining your strategy and stay proactive in your job search to increase your chances of finding remote work that suits your needs and preferences. If you need additional support, attend the following "Remote Work Options" presented by Blue Star Career. We share multiple ways to find remote work, offer tips, and share immediate job leads when available. Contact us with additional questions or support at [email protected]

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5 days ago

Some really good suggestions. I have been working with a coach and he often refers me to jobs that can be remote. I have found that a lot of exciting remote jobs require certain certification or high level of experience. I don't want to do customer service in general or call centers, so definitely my certification will to help.