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Dungeons & Dragons Play Style?

  • 1.  Dungeons & Dragons Play Style?

    Posted 11-21-2023 01:53 PM

    I’m not just talking about your alignment. Do you like to actually roleplay your character? Or maybe you play a simple game of “slice and dice”? Either way, your D&D play style can determine how well you will fit into a group.

    I personally love to roleplay my character because I feel like I get to express sides of myself that I wouldn't get to express much in life because she is chaotic neutral. Believe it or not, I am least interested in the battle aspect, but more so interested in immersing myself in the story and the interactions with other group members and NPCs. So I might fit in well in a group that has a similar play style. What’s yours? Share below and maybe you can find a group that suits how you play!

    Jillian Johnson