Business Manager - Remote with competitive salary $65K-90K

When:  May 31, 2023 from 09:00 AM to 09:00 AM (PT)

This is NOT an event - We are seeking candidates for this crucial job opportunity closing on May 30th, 2023 - Occasionally, some "Travel is Required" for important events or presentations. 

We seek an individual with experience and success in business management, including managing project execution and partner relationships, for a rapidly growing nonprofit preventing suicide and saving lives through innovative peer-to-peer training programs. Suppose you can demonstrate a track record of success supporting a growing portfolio of programs and organizing ongoing work, all while responding nimbly to partner needs. In that case, we want to talk to you! You will have responsibility for the organization’s sound program execution while having a say in our strategic direction and future project development.

As our Business Manager, you will be responsible for:

●     Supporting and managing relationships with existing government, military, nonprofit and foundation partners

●     Selecting and implementing a project and program management system and supporting disciplined execution.

●     Coordinating events and commitments with partners

●     Managing and supporting product development for new educational programs and resources

●     Selecting and implementing contact management and attendee registration systems

●     Working with research teams and coordinating with partners to ensure effective data collection on evaluation projects 

--> MORE details upon your name added to the RSVP and how to be a successful candidate. Collecting names through May 31st. 

Additional jobs are listed inside the Blue Star Careers community under the discussion forum. 


Online Instructions:
Login: If you are interested, please submit your name in the RSVP. You will be contacted with a full job description, and to request your resume— General Qs, please log in to the Neighborhood, and send us a message under Blue Star Careers Community. Or email:
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